8 easy ways to save water in your home

Brexit aside, water seems to be the topic that’s on everybody’s lips at the moment, or more specifically, how to save it. After the hot and arid summer we all “enjoyed” here in the United Kingdom in 2018, awareness around the importance of water and the need to conserve it is growing.

Water-saving in the home allows you to do your bit for the environment, whilst reducing the cost of water bills, which, according to a recent BBC article, are becoming too expensive for many families.

With both of these issues key concerns for UK households, we’ve come up with 8 easy ways you can save water in your home. By following these simple tips, you’ll soon find your water usage is greatly reduced.

  1. If it’s yellow…

…let it mellow, as the saying goes. On average, we each flush a toilet 5 times per day, which, with many older flushes still in existence, can potentially use a staggering 12 litres per flush! Whilst solid human waste is pretty unpleasant and requires flushing immediately, urine isn’t such a big deal. If you’re comfortable with it, leave the flushing until later. This leads us neatly onto our next tip…

  1. Install a new water-saving toilet

The WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) recommend that all new toilet installations come with a dual flush, which can save on water. The largest of the two flushes shouldn’t exceed more than 6 litres and the smaller of the two should be no greater than 2/3rds the volume of the larger flush. So, by fitting a new toilet, you’re already doing your bit.[Continue Reading…]

Collecting Football Match programs and How to Profit form it

The popularity of football memorabilia fluctuates over time and at the moment it seems to be popular. However, just picking up random items will not make you a fortune, it is important to know exactly what you need to collect in order to profit the most.

Below we give information on what match programmes have sold for high amounts so that you can get an idea of what to look for when you are buying them.

The history of match programmes

It was in 1888 when the football league was first launched that programmes started to be printed. The program then was just a single sheet where spectators could keep score by filling in the boxes druing the match and it had details of the match date and team on it.

One of the first programmes released was by Aston Villa and it was much bulkier with four to eight pages with an attractive and attention grabbing cover. This format soon caught on although there were very few produced during the two world wars as there was a paper shortage and therefore these are extremely collectable.

More recently programmes have player information and might also have interviews with managers and players documented in them as well as information about the club.[Continue Reading…]

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