Why are Brits so hesitant at switching banks?

They say that Brits are more likely to get divorced than split with their bank. However, why is there little switching? There is even a current account switching service ensuring that direct debits and salary payments are smoothly changed to a new bank.

The numbers say it all. The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority’s (CMA) banking industry investigation discovered that only 3% of current account customers had moved their bank account.

More than half of those customers had been with their bank for more than ten years and had never changed. This loyalty is the type that retail, in particular, would beg to have.

So why don’t they switch then?

Brits don’t trust banks

A recent poll by Positive Money found that two-thirds of British adults do not trust banks, with 72% believing banks should have faced harsher penalties for their roles int he 2008 financial crash, leading to austerity measures and the subsequent credit crunch.

Despite years of regulation and banks promising to change and paying fines and compensation for their role in the financial fiasco, the public at large still do not trust them.[Continue Reading…]

Funding a new business venture

If you are setting up a new business, then you will have many things to sort out. From finding premises to hiring the staff you need and planning your marketing push; your to-do-list will no doubt be lengthy. Of course, this is all part of starting a new venture and something that you should find exciting. With it being your business, you get to make the choices and to plan how it will all work.

With most start-ups a funding source is needed. There is no doubt that setting up a new organisation can involve huge costs when you factor in buying machinery and stock on top of all the other expenses you will have to meet. The big numbers involved very often means that self-funding is out of the equation. Even if you do have the money needed in your bank account, you may be unwilling to risk it all.

business venture

So, what is the solution to this predicament? For lots of business owners, it is finding a source of external funding to help them get started.[Continue Reading…]

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