Funding a new business venture

If you are setting up a new business, then you will have many things to sort out. From finding premises to hiring the staff you need and planning your marketing push; your to-do-list will no doubt be lengthy. Of course, this is all part of starting a new venture and something that you should find exciting. With it being your business, you get to make the choices and to plan how it will all work.

With most start-ups a funding source is needed. There is no doubt that setting up a new organisation can involve huge costs when you factor in buying machinery and stock on top of all the other expenses you will have to meet. The big numbers involved very often means that self-funding is out of the equation. Even if you do have the money needed in your bank account, you may be unwilling to risk it all.

business venture

So, what is the solution to this predicament? For lots of business owners, it is finding a source of external funding to help them get started.[Continue Reading…]

How to keep up with the latest news in the world of forex

The foreign exchange market is as big now as it ever has been. The influx of new traders thanks to the digital transformation that the sector has seen has kept it as the biggest financial market around. Even the London Stock Exchange with its $4.5tn market cap cannot compete! The sheer range of currencies to trade, high liquidity and potentially big returns all make it one of the best options to consider as a trader.

If you are trading in this market, then you will be well aware of one thing that makes a big difference to how it moves: news.

News moves price

In very simple terms, this is all you need to know! Currency pairs will either go up or down in price over time – you make money if you have opened a trade in the right direction. What moves prices? The major factor is breaking news and official releases from governments as to the state of their economies.[Continue Reading…]

How to Finance Your First Car

Your first car is always going to be a big deal. Not only is it one of the first big financial investments you will make in your life, it is also a huge emotional investment. This car is what will take you to work, to fun days out, back home, and to any road trip you desire. It is what will give you freedom unlike anything you’ve purchased before. It can also be a huge money pit if you aren’t careful. Finance your car for too long, for example, and you can end up paying far more than it is worth. Instead, follow this guide so that you can finance your first car the right way:

Pick the Right Car

The longer you have your car, the more economical it will become for you. You should never go vehicle shopping with the notion that you can sell your car after a few years to recoup the costs. When it comes to cars, the depreciation value is huge. What this means is that the second you drive a new car off the lot, you cannot sell it for the same value the next day. You also don’t want to choose a used car that is, say, on its last legs. The longer it works, the more value you will get out the car. The same applies to the mileage.

How to Finance  

There are many ways you can pay for your new car. If you happen to have good credit, you can pay for it through your credit company (applicable only if the vehicle is worth between £100 – £30,000). You can also pay for it through car financing, but it is important to be wary of the APR rates. The lower the rates, the less you will pay over time. These rates are often provided when you sign up for higher repayment sums over a shorter period of time.[Continue Reading…]

Examining the Effect of the New Health and Safety Guidelines on UK Businesses

In 2016, the Sentencing Council’s guideline for sentencing related to health and safety offences dramatically changed. It has now been in effect for more than two years, so we can definitely see the results and reactions to that law. Let’s take a closer look at the after-effects of the new health and safety guidelines on UK businesses.

The Cost-Benefit Analysis More Strongly Favours Prevention

The sentencing guidelines set hefty fines for businesses of all sizes, though fines are based on the turnover of the company. Large companies with a turnover of more than £50 million regularly pay fines of more than £1 million for straightforward health and safety violations. Small to medium companies are periodically hit with six-figure fines. This makes many companies see the clear benefit of investing in greater levels of training, preventative devices, and safety procedures.

The new guidelines focus on the potential risk of harm rather than what harm was actually caused when serious breaches occur. Risk mitigation then becomes a priority. This forces businesses to invest in safety measures that reduce the overall risk of accidents and their outcome, far beyond general mitigation methods that were the norm. Paying for independent consultants to review one’s health and safety policies becomes a priority. And up to date health and safety courses such as the ones listed on can become an investment in the company’s bottom line.[Continue Reading…]

How contractors can get a handle on their finances

Over three million Brits are believed to work as sole traders, and there are plenty of benefits to doing so. Not only can contractors largely set their own priorities and schedules, but they also have the benefit of experiencing different types of work. However, with financial considerations such as tax obligations and pension payments to think about, it can also be a headache. Here are some of the main ways that contractors can avoid these problems.

Set up a pension

As a regular employee, it’s likely that you’ll have your pension looked after for you by the business that employs you. In fact, most employers now legally have to enrol you into a pension scheme – so you’ll have at least some protection, even if you have to cede some salary voluntarily as a personal top-up contribution. However, for contractors, this isn’t usually an option.

You’ll need to take out a self-employed pension to ensure that you’re covered for retirement, and this can be a hassle. When working out your rate, then, ensure that you add on say 4% or 5% – or potentially even more – in order to cover what your employer would otherwise be contributing if you were a regular employee. That way, you’ll know you’re covered.[Continue Reading…]

Record Rental Rises Hit the UK

A recent report by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors has suggested that UK rents are expected to increase by a huge 15% over the next five years. There have been a number of factors that have led to increasing rent bills, with the rises affecting the whole of the country.

A combination of a historically undersupplied market and a sharp rise in the amount of UK renters has created the perfect conditions for rent rises. Though bad news for the growing number of renters, it’s great news for property investors who can expect to see rental yields continue to rise. Rent rises across the country mean that investors can make even more from buy to let property investments, and certain cities like London and Manchester are experiencing record population growth.

The demand for rental property in the UK has reached record levels, with 20% of UK households now living in private rented accommodation. A range of factors such as difficulty buying a first home, a multi-city lifestyle and the ‘generation rent’ mindset have all contributed to this increasing demand. The number of people living in rental accommodation has increased in most age ranges, showing a diversifying rental market. Population increases in UK cities are also leading to an increasingly competitive rental market, with more people than ever looking for rented accommodation.[Continue Reading…]

Moving business cash safely and efficiently

There are all kinds of reasons why a business leader may choose to move cash around within the firm. Perhaps you’re planning to set up a new branch or service, and the team responsible for it needs funds in order to lease spaces or buy equipment. Maybe you’re looking to buy up a foreign company in order to expand, and you need to get cash abroad in order to secure the deal on the ground. Whatever reason you have for moving money around, though, it’s important to do it in a secure and cost-effective way – otherwise, you may find that it’s more trouble than it’s worth.

Keep records

The first thing that you should do when moving cash for your business is keep a record. When filing this record, you need to state clearly who received the money, what the amount was, the date, and – crucially – the purpose. Without this, it may be a nightmare for you or your accounts team to reconcile the transactions at a later date – and in the long run, it’s not sustainable to have endless disorganised records floating around. Not only will keeping accurate records of any money moves be a smart choice when it comes to working out your profit and loss, but these records will also often be needed by authorities of various types – including HMRC when the time to file your annual tax return rolls around.[Continue Reading…]

Why all Businesses need to understand their Demographics’ Spending Habits

Businesses cannot exist without their clients or consumers, and as such, understanding their demographic is a key part to any business’ success. One aspect of their behaviour that far too many businesses overlook, however, is their demographics’ spending habits. Knowing how they spend their money, if they take out payday advance loans, and even generally how much they have saved can tell you a lot about their purchasing power and their spending habits. Using this information, you can:

Know How to Price Your Items

One of the first and most obvious benefits to understanding your demographics’ spending habits is so you can better price your items, meaning you can sell them for the highest profit. Finding the sweet spot that encourages your demographic to buy more at a profitable price-point is key to success. By understanding not just how much they spend, but what they spend it on, you can market better and increase sales.[Continue Reading…]

Never underestimate yourself as a trader

People have the habit to always compare themselves with the other trades. It is wrong and you do not know what your future has in stock. Sometimes you may feel that you are not worthy of your investment and you should do what other people are doing. This is the one thing you should never do in Forex. You may lose all your money, you may lose all your profit that you have made but never ever underestimate yourself. You do not know the talents that are hidden in your character. You only need to let it out in the open and nature will do the rest. People always think the other people are right, they can take the right decisions.

They are afraid of themselves and do not do anything because they are scared of the market trends. Just believe in yourself and step your feet on the industry, you will find this trading is not as hard as you thought. You can also make money consistently if you want. Every trade has fair chances if they start trading with their quality and talents. This underestimating is very harmful and this article will tell you why you are the best that you have got. Professionals will only help you to a certain level but you have to make your decisions when they go away. It is your talents that are going to help you but if you do not believe it first, we cannot help you.[Continue Reading…]