Why choosing an established trading platform makes sense

Online trading can be a great and lucrative career move for those who make it work. However, there are also risks involved. Whether it’s the inherent risk that the value of your investment goes down as well as up, or the risk that you’ll come across a scam broker who will place your capital at risk, there’s a lot to consider. One way to mitigate at least the latter risk is to pick an established trading platform.

Safety and security

The most obvious benefit to choosing an established trading platform, of course, is from a safety point of view. By investing your capital in a more established place, it’s more likely that it will move through channels that are safer to use. For a platform or broker, success and endurance over time tends to lead to higher revenues. That, in turn, means more money to hire quality software architects and other developers who are able to make the platform as safe as possible to use.[Continue Reading…]

Portafina Findings on Health Consciousness Could Improve Your Business

Businesses are becoming far more health conscious than they once may have been. This could be because organisations are seeing what implications a healthy workforce could have on the performance of their business. Portafina conducted a survey using people from the generations of under 30s and over 50s to see what trends they could find in regard to how active and health conscious they are. You’re going to find a summary of what they found below.

30% of under 30s or millennials are more likely to exercise specifically to eliminate stress. On the other hand, 32% of over 50s do it as a part of their daily routine. Millennials could be working out as a way of tackling work associated stress or life-related stress but either way it shows an attempt to manage their mental health and wellbeing.

Even workplaces seem to be making an effort to help employees manage stress and mental health. This could be because research shows that stress is significantly associated with rates of sick leave, GP visits, and accidents in the workplace. Offering gym memberships to employees, therefore, is a great way to support health and wellbeing. Since data shows millennials are also more inclined to go to the gym as a way of relieving stress, this could go a long way.[Continue Reading…]

8 easy ways to save water in your home

Brexit aside, water seems to be the topic that’s on everybody’s lips at the moment, or more specifically, how to save it. After the hot and arid summer we all “enjoyed” here in the United Kingdom in 2018, awareness around the importance of water and the need to conserve it is growing.

Water-saving in the home allows you to do your bit for the environment, whilst reducing the cost of water bills, which, according to a recent BBC article, are becoming too expensive for many families.

With both of these issues key concerns for UK households, we’ve come up with 8 easy ways you can save water in your home. By following these simple tips, you’ll soon find your water usage is greatly reduced.

  1. If it’s yellow…

…let it mellow, as the saying goes. On average, we each flush a toilet 5 times per day, which, with many older flushes still in existence, can potentially use a staggering 12 litres per flush! Whilst solid human waste is pretty unpleasant and requires flushing immediately, urine isn’t such a big deal. If you’re comfortable with it, leave the flushing until later. This leads us neatly onto our next tip…

  1. Install a new water-saving toilet

The WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) recommend that all new toilet installations come with a dual flush, which can save on water. The largest of the two flushes shouldn’t exceed more than 6 litres and the smaller of the two should be no greater than 2/3rds the volume of the larger flush. So, by fitting a new toilet, you’re already doing your bit.[Continue Reading…]

Collecting Football Match programs and How to Profit form it

The popularity of football memorabilia fluctuates over time and at the moment it seems to be popular. However, just picking up random items will not make you a fortune, it is important to know exactly what you need to collect in order to profit the most.

Below we give information on what match programmes have sold for high amounts so that you can get an idea of what to look for when you are buying them.

The history of match programmes

It was in 1888 when the football league was first launched that programmes started to be printed. The program then was just a single sheet where spectators could keep score by filling in the boxes druing the match and it had details of the match date and team on it.

One of the first programmes released was by Aston Villa and it was much bulkier with four to eight pages with an attractive and attention grabbing cover. This format soon caught on although there were very few produced during the two world wars as there was a paper shortage and therefore these are extremely collectable.

More recently programmes have player information and might also have interviews with managers and players documented in them as well as information about the club.[Continue Reading…]

Options to consider when getting into trading

Trading has been a popular investment choice ever since the concept of the stock market first appeared back in the twentieth century. But there’s so much more to trading than simply stocks and shares. Developments in communications and regulatory frameworks, plus the increased demand for trading services, have boosted the variety of instruments on offer. This article will explore some of the main options you have open to you if you’re thinking about becoming a trader.

Traditional: stocks and shares

Profiting from the rises and falls of the stock market has long since been something traders have done. It’s possible to buy stocks in individual companies, but this concentrates all of your risk in to one centralised location. Instead, most people choose to invest in tracker funds which cover the whole of a designated stock market. That way, you can still get the benefit of a stock market investment while also diversifying your risk.[Continue Reading…]

How health and safety is linked to your insurance bill

Businesses in Britain are believed to receive millions of pounds per year in insurance pay-outs – and when you consider everything from covering yourself against accidentally injuring a member of the public to making sure that you can pay legal fees if you get sued, there are clearly lots of eventualities in which insurance might be useful. However, this doesn’t make the high premiums any easier to cope with – and this means that any way to reduce bills is welcome. In the arena of health and safety, for example, there are several steps that you can take to bring down the cost of paying for insurance.

Run drug tests

When you take out insurance, one of the eventualities that you’re protecting yourself against is the risk of one of your workers doing something seriously wrong and causing loss or injury. If any of your employees are taking drugs, though, then the likelihood of this happening is higher – and this means that the likelihood of a claim is also higher. Running drug tests is one way to demonstrate that you have a healthy and focused workforce, and this may reduce your premiums somewhat. Matrix Diagnostics Drug Testing offers on-site screening kits, which shows just how easy it can be to carry out these tests.[Continue Reading…]

How to gain knowledge in the world of trading

Many people make the mistake of thinking that investing in the stock market or forex market is simple. Buoyed by claims that they have heard or seen online, they dive right in and start to spend their expected profits. This is the exact opposite of what you should do though. As with all industries, you need to build knowledge and educate yourself on how trading works before spending any cash. Although the basics of how the markets work are actually quite straightforward, trading them in a profitable manner is not without the right market education.

How do you get the information you need to succeed?

The real key to successful trading is to arm yourself with the knowledge to make it work out as planned. Here are some fabulous tips to give you a head start:[Continue Reading…]

Best Forex Brokers for Beginners On The Market – 5 Main Rules Of Choosing

Forex trading is one of the most accepted ways of making money. One of the primary requirements for successful trading is to choose a good brokerage company. Choosing the best broker requires a lot of research and patience. To help beginner traders we have identified some of the critical things that every trader should evaluate when selecting a broker with a list of the very best Forex brokers in the market.

Choosing A Forex Broker As A Beginner Trader

The Forex market is the world’s largest market with a daily turnover exceeding $4 trillion. Even though it’s the largest market in the world, there is no central exchange for it. So, Forex traders have to rely on the services of a Forex broker to affect a trade.  Here is what you need to consider when choosing a FX broker:

Regulatory Oversight

First, check if the broker is regulated.  These regulatory agencies primary functions are to protect the interest of investors and to develop the rules that dictate how Forex brokers should conduct their operations.[Continue Reading…]

How to make your business water strategy more sustainable

Having a sustainable water strategy can do a lot more than just care for the environment – there are more costs behind water than the price of the water itself, and many businesses don’t realize this until it’s too late.

Total Water Solutions explains why a good water strategy is important, and how to make your business water strategy more sustainable.

Make sure it’s pure and not contaminated

Although it might seem like an odd way to conserve water, making sure your water sources are pure is a vital part of monitoring how much you use.

Water that’s contaminated with one particular virus might still be perfectly fine to use on plants, whereas another might only affect people through direct ingestion – this changes how you use that water source until it’s purified, meaning that a rural farm could end up with a lot of wastewater that’s simply too contaminated to use, or a large office building may need to switch to a backup water tank until the infection can be dealt with.[Continue Reading…]