What are joint funeral plans?

Prepaid funeral plans have gained considerable popularity as funeral costs have rocketed year on year. At a time when the cost of the average funeral in the UK has risen as much as 70% in the past decade – a rate far greater than increases in wages or the overall rate of inflation for other goods and services – the ability to pay those expenses at today’s prices, rather than at the time you die, is clearly appealing.

If a prepaid funeral plan makes good sense for you, therefore, a plan which covers both you and your spouse or partner is likely to make double good sense – that is the basis for a joint funeral plan.

Joint funeral plans in a nutshell

A joint funeral plan is made in the name of two people, rather than one, and covers the funeral costs of the first of the couple to die. The same level of funeral service is guaranteed for both of the signatories to the plan.

When you die, therefore, you may take comfort from the fact that your surviving loved one is saved the anguish of decisions about the type of funeral to arrange and – just as importantly – how it is going to be paid for.[Continue Reading…]