Ignoring the emotional side of life is a recipe for disaster. Everything we do is ruled by emotion. Think about your debts — don’t you want to be debt-free in order to be there for your family? To have more time to spend with your mates? To be able to take care of the special someone in your life? Debt robs you of all those things and hurts you in the long run.

Yet a lot of people try to only think about the logical side and they fail to realize the power of emotion in the matter. Debt is very emotional — you’re always going to feel like there’s no way to actually get things done and that can really cripple you before too long.

Now is the time to recover emotionally. In order to get out of debt, you have to first handle the emotional side of it.

If you are a person that likes to reflect, one of the first things that we recommend to you is to actually take a journal of all of your thoughts. It sounds silly, but you might find that you’ve been holding back a lot of feelings about your debts. It can be scary to open up that much, but it can all be worth it in the end when you really want to make sure that you can take care of anything that happens to come your way. It’s not like we’re saying that anyone has to see your journal or even comment on it.

If you’re not the journal type, being around people that are going through debt is a good thing. There are plenty of support groups that can help you around the UK, or even in the United States if you happen to be established there.

Everyone has a right to make sure that they can overcome debts. You might want to think about the root causes behind why you were in debt in the first place. Sure, it’s tempting to just assume that you’re never going to be out of debt, but is that really the case? For example, you might be in debt right now because you wanted to have the best of everything — whether or not your budget actually agreed with you. It’s better to really make sure that you can move past that by realizing that life isn’t really about having the best of everything to the point where the things that really matter are threatened. Sure, you might want to get a great house, but if you can’t afford the mortgage it stands to reason that you won’t own the house for very long.

It’s a time where you really need to focus on the way you want life to be, rather than constantly thinking that you don’t deserve great things. You might have gotten into debt over medical issues — there are ways to overcome this as well. Look into assistance that the hospital can give you — there are options out there.

You’re going to have to start lifting your voice and demanding to be treated fairly. You are not your debts. You are not your bank account.

It is said that there are two great times to plant a tree — 20 years ago, and today. Choose today to start getting out of debt. Choose today to start building a financial blueprint that matters. Trust us — you won’t be disappointed!

By Jasmina