Paris is truly one of the oldest cities in Europe, but that doesn’t mean that every once in a while new development can’t take place. If you’re really looking to catch up on important economic development-related events in the region, you need to take a look at the Paris Region Channel. The Paris Region Economic Development Agency (PREDA) predominantly aims to attract investment into the area in order to encourage business development and generate more jobs. It provides numerous services helping companies to establish themselves in the Paris Region and continue to grow thereafter.

Why would you want to look at PREDA’s Web TV? Well, there are a few reasons. If you’re a subject matter expert of any kind, this channel can really make your job easier. You will be able to see hot trends going on in the area, as well as plenty of people that are talking about what the region really needs. This new service reflects the fact that the government is truly realizing just how technologically savvy and truly connected their top players in the region really are. It’s time for real change, and the economy can only benefit positively from all of these changes.

Credits: Aéroports de Paris − LUIDER, Emile − LA COMPANY
Credits: Aéroports de Paris − LUIDER, Emile − LA COMPANY

You see, when people get updated information that they can use to empower themselves from the inside out, they tend to make changes that are economically beneficial on a wide variety of levels. When people feel comfortable about building a business on fertile ground, there are virtually no limits to what can be accomplished.

Although we deal primarily with UK finance news, there’s no reason why any enterprising UK resident shouldn’t be looking at other markets as well. You never know — teaming up with someone that’s making waves within the Paris region could be just the boost to your business that you’ve been looking for!

Overall, we think that this new YouTube channel will allow for a more modern way of connecting with not only the economic development authority, but also other enthusiastic entrepreneurs in the wider Paris region — always a good thing!

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By Jasmina