Everywhere you look these days, you can see credit card deals. You can not only apply to a bank for a card now, you can go to your supermarket, department store, even to an oil company. With increasing competition, they are all trying to outdo each other to get your custom.

With all this dazzling array of cards to entice you, which one is the right deal for you? It can be very hard to choose a good one. They all seem to have different offers to tempt you to sign up. Different APRs (annual percentage rates), discounted initial interest periods, customization, online banking – the list is endless. But you need to be clear exactly what you are looking for in a deal.

If you are feeling snowed under by leaflets and brochures offering you the different deals, you need a good way to choose a card for yourself. It is necessary to compare the deals side by side and decide which ones really have the good offers. A good way to do this is to go to a comparison site online.

The APR is the first thing you should look at when shopping around for a credit card for yourself. This displays the compounded interest which you will be charged when you borrow money. Sometimes there is a reduced rate for the first year and then this rate increases. Look out for low introductory offers which shoot up after a year.

If you have selected a couple of cards with low APRs, then you might be interested in the reward programs of the different cards. If they offer cash back or a reward points scheme, then this may make them more attractive than their competitors.

Getting the best deal means that eventually you will end up saving a huge amount of money overall when you use the card. Taking the time to choose wisely in the initial stages means that you will end up with the best deal in the long run.

By Jasmina