Going green has a practical purpose for today’s UK customers — it helps them save money. Of course, conservation efforts can start small without a problem at all — you just need to figure out where you really want to start. You might already have gotten a cheaper energy tariff, and blocked up all of the drafts in your home. Insulating your home can be expensive at first, but it has long term benefits that just can’t be denied. Turning the lights off when they’re not in use also helps, and it’s never a bad idea to try to use more blankets than just running the heat all of the time. These things are great time-tested ways to lower your energy bill, but what happens when they’re just not enough? Since we can’t go without energy, it makes sense to look into other tools that we can use to save money.

We collected a few tools that you might want to look into this winter, at least before spring gets here!

The first is the Standby Buster, a plug that lets you switch off any electrical device left on standby. A lot of people don’t realize this, but even if you turn off your TVs and game consoles, they can still draw power. Sure, it’s not a lot of power but the truth is that every little bit counts. And if you’re going to use electricity, you might as well actively use it. Your televisions could be costing you a lot of money over the year, and it’s during times where you’re not even using it.

The Standby Buster starter pack includes the plugs as well as the remote control. It’s always a good idea to invest in something like this, especially when you’re concerned that your energy usage is a lot higher than it should be. Standby electricity could be causing you a lot of grief and you don’t even know it!

2. Water Tank Jackets

Most UK homes have a water tank of some kind, and for good reason: it keeps hot water hot and available for use. However, if you don’t make sure that your tank is being properly insulated, a lot of excess heat can escape. This means that your water heater is going to have to work even harder to make everything stay hot, and that’s not good at all. Heat loss is one of the biggest reasons why a home might be facing higher energy costs, especially during the winter time where temperatures can drop significantly — sometimes below freezing!

Water tank jackets are not expensive, and they can reduce the amount of energy required to keep your hot water exactly what it should be for you — HOT!

3. Heatkeeper Radiator Insulation Panels

Aside from hot water heaters, it’s highly likely that your home has at least one radiator. However, radiator efficiency can be hit or miss. Again, this means that most of the time it can take a lot more energy than it should to keep your home warm. This is something that you can fix, but only if you have the right tools to get the job done. It’s just a matter of making sure that you push forward and get what you need, of course. Heatkeeper radiator insulation panels will boost the efficiency of your radiators through a set of panels that install right behind the radiator. These panels are specifically designed to reflect the heat back into the room, so you can lower the temperature setting without feeling cold.

It’s been shown that these panels can save 30% off your heating costs. There are also Heatkeeper Savings Calculators online that you can use to estimate your specific savings a little better.

4. ECO Kettle

Tea, anyone? The ECO Kettle is there to boil your water a lot faster than a regular kettle. In fact, the efficiency is so great with one of these kettles that it’s actually supported by the Energy Saving Trust — how cool is that?!

The kettle works through scientific means — it boils the exact amount of water you need, and leaves behind the water that you don’t need. The cold water is held in an upper chamber that allows you to release exactly how much water you need to boil. No longer are you going to have to wait for the water to boil forever — you can get things moving and be onward to the rest of your day!

5. Battery Wizard Recharger

Everyone has batteries — some standard and some rechargeable. Wouldn’t it be nice to actually get more power out of your batteries, even when it looks like they’re all drained out?

You can, with the Battery Wizard! If you get nothing else off this list, we think this is what you really need to focus on. It feels like everything these days requires batteries, which can drive up the price of actually using your items. This device can be used to recharge not only rechargeable batteries, but also regular batteries as well.

Even though the Battery Wizard is 10 GBP, it’s all good — you will definitely make your investment back several times over in less than three months. This is even more the case during the Christmas season, where it feels like every new child’s toy is battery operated. Check it out for yourself!

We could definitely go on, but it’s your turn to check everything listed out for yourself. There’s nothing wrong with trying to look into anything and everything that’s actually going to save you money. Why not check it out for yourself today?

By Jasmina