Take a look around your office. What does it say about your business? Is it giving employees, clients and visitors the right impression? Are the furnishings, décor and design sending the right message of professionalism and strong leadership?

If your executive office lacks the required polish, here are some tips and tricks to help change it into an environment that inspires confidence and creativity.

A well-designed office with intelligent layout and design increases your productivity.

You may be the big cheese in the company, but that doesn’t mean you get the biggest office. Commercial space per square metre is expensive and this impacts directly on employee working conditions.


The wise executive works with what they’ve got and maximises room dimensions by selecting furnishings of the right scale. A massive antique desk in the finest walnut veneer might be your dream, but how are you going to get it in the lift or up six flights of stairs?

Take measurements of all entrances and room dimensions before sourcing any furniture. Small rooms look bigger when there is space around the furniture. Maximise light from any windows; decorate in pale, neutral colours; place mirrors in dark areas to bounce light around.

If well decorated and put together, your office can be a real asset. Welcoming new clients to a space that is bright, warm and luxurious will reflect well upon your business. A separately defined hospitality area with a sofa and a couple of armchairs, bar and fridge will ensure you have a fantastic way of relaxing clients. A sideboard with photographs of past triumphs, an ice bucket with champagne glasses for celebrating your many successes, and a display of awards and diplomas showing off your credentials all get noticed in this area.

Unless you have acres of space, it is wiser to go with contemporary styles as most modern executive office furnishings can be assembled from flat packs. Modular systems that can be added to when needed make a lot of sense. Storage requirements for documents and filing should be assessed early on to make sure there is adequate capacity. Efficient storage solutions keep offices looking tidy and sharpen up organisation and productivity.

Think about what you require in your office – a computer, printer and telephone will probably be the minimum hardware needed. Large, wall-mounted TV screens are increasingly popular, so identify a space for one of these. Add to that an ergonomically designed chair to make days at the desk comfortable and productive.

If your business image is better supported by antique décor, there are traditionally styled reproduction office ranges that, although look aged, are designed for modern office life.

Comfortable, thick carpet underfoot and original art on the walls may seem like an extravagance at first, but subtle touches such as these are always noticed.

There is a fine balance to be struck in the perfect executive office. The need for simplicity and functionality, combined with a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere, all demands skilful coordination. A well-designed office allows you to exploit business potential on many levels and enhances leadership qualities.

By Jasmina