Due to the ongoing financial troubles, more people are choosing to take their holidays in the Britain. According to figures published by Travelodge, 35 per cent of Britons chose to holiday in the UK this year, and with the cost of a one-week break in the UK being over a third cheaper than it is in Europe, it is easy to see why. American Express says that the average cost of a seven day break in the UK is just over £430, whilst the cost for the same length break in Europe can cost as much as £1,400. For those people who want to choose a more stylish break in the UK, caravanning is becoming increasingly popular. Before you set out on a break it is vital that a decent caravan insurance policy is taken out. After all, the purchase of a caravan is a serious financial commitment, and should be protected. By protecting your caravan, your holiday will be less stressful and you can relax, safe in the knowledge that your property is covered should anything untoward happen.

One way to achieve a good quote is to visit a motorhome insurance comparison site, where a number of deals can be sifted through, and the one that best suits your needs can be taken out. When choosing an insurance policy it is vital to pick the quote that is best for you, and that is not always the cheapest.

Caravanning in the UK offers many options, with stunning landscapes, and a choice of various activities in, and nearby, different caravan sites. The other advantage of a break of this kind is the freedom to move around the area in your own time, taking in the beauty of local villages, historic cities, and experiencing the delights that the UK countryside has to offer. Purchasing a GPS system, that will show you the best places to visit on your break, as well as warning you about low bridges and unsuitable roads for caravans, will make the journey easier.

People don’t need to travel too far to achieve a good quality holiday, so no matter where you live in the UK, there is sure to be an idyllic location nearby, where you can put your feet up and immerse yourself in your new surroundings. When considering a caravanning break it is good to have a plan in place (in terms of the locations you intend to visit), but the beauty of a break of this nature is that you can change your mind if something more appealing catches your eye.

After all, the choice on offer at caravan parks is vast, with entertainment on site, as well as great days out near to the sites. People may choose to unwind whilst away, and walking around the local area enables you to not only relax, but also to take in the beautiful scenery that Britain has to offer. Cycling is also a good way to get around when in the UK, and many caravan sites are within easy reach of National Cycle Network routes.

If the British weather holds up, there is a large choice of beautiful beaches that can be visited from nearby sites, and this is another good way to spend a day, without a large financial outlay being necessary. Parents and kids alike can enjoy the sea air, and the fact that beaches offer a variety of activities mean that there is something to suit all tastes.

It is easy to see why staycations are on the increase, as people can experience what they want, when they want, from the comfort of a caravan.

By Jasmina