There are many people starting new businesses in the UK all of the time. At this time, many people are looking for work and they see setting up on their own as a way to get an income and do something that they want to do, at the same time. A key to the success of a new business is a good website. Many people use these to advertise their business and give out their contact details. It can also be a big plus if you can set up an online shop as well, so that people who cannot get to you in person, are able to still buy the goods that you sell.

This need not be an expensive thing to do, but it is important to carefully consider where you spend your money with regards to the website. You need a site that is easy to navigate and to find, so good design and SEO are very important. But you also want people to trust it and want to make purchase. One way of doing this is to have a domain name. Many people go straight for a .com, thinking that is the safest option as it is recognised worldwide. However, a domain name will show where your business is based and that could not only help people to trust you more but also make them feel good about supporting a British business.

If you are not sure about the benefits of this, then there is a lot of information on which is a promoter of websites. They have information and statistics which will help you to decide whether a domain would be right for you. You can take a look at the examples they have such as the Sweetie Pies business who has thrived by having a high street store and selling items on her website.

Careful investment in a new business is very important because it can have a big effect on your success and profits. You do not want to waste money, but you need to make the right decision on how you spend it to make sure that you give the business the best possible chance of being profitable. Make sure to take a look at the two videos below and get inspired by the success these people achieved…


By Jasmina