The UK is back in the middle of another economic meltdown. As the country’s financial crisis worsens, the cost of individual living rises as citizens are forced to pay more for basics, leaving luxuries and special events hard to fund. By making some simple changes to the way we spend money day to day, it’s possible to put aside short-term savings for that proverbial rainy day. It is a lifestyle change, but swapping some basic niceties such as a night out at the cinema for a game of poker can save you notes without you realising.

Ditch your branded morning coffee. When you’re on your way to work it’s so tempting to nip into that shiny, scent enticing coffee shop and spend just under £4 on a coffee. If you do that five times a week, that’s £20 a week and approximately £1,000 a year. Fill your flask or have a brew at work. It might not taste as good but surely it’s worth the huge £1,000 saving?

Takeaways are another of life’s luxuries. Saturday night, talent show TV and a Chinese is the perfect mix. Buying a fresh Chinese meal pack from your supermarket is simple to cook, under half the price and is much better for your health. The meals come with all the sauces and dry ingredients you expect from a takeaway, you can’t go wrong.

Changing some of your recreational activities can save pounds too. Look at what you currently enjoy doing and what you might like to try out. Brits love trips to the cinema but for a pair of tickets, and a large popcorn and drink to share you can easily spend £20 to watch a film. Have a family night in at home with a movie instead. If you have to go to the cinema however, never pay full price for kids’ screenings; most well-known cinema chains offer weekend kids’ screenings for next to nothing, often just over £1 a ticket.

Put the money you save day to day into the best instant access or short-term savings account you can find. There are plenty of sites online to advise you in making this decision and a high interest savings account is an excellent way of earning interest on the money you’ve already saved.

It is paramount, when saving, not to cut out everything you enjoy. Ensure that you allow yourself treats to keep yourself going. Making small lifestyle changes, for example swapping that night out at a restaurant with drinks to follow at a bingo hall with all your hens or  poker and pints at a pub with your mates, for a quiet night in your jimjams online at poker or bingo sites. The live chat facilities within the poker sites allow you to talk as you would do with other players in person while enjoying the game of your choice.

The key is to make decisions that may affect how you currently live your life, but will introduce ways to thriftily enhance your living. Whether it’s changing your eating habits or mixing up your social routine, little savings can make a big difference.

By Jasmina