It’s official — the refurbished phone bubble has begun. More and more people are trying to get used phones rather than get a shiny new phone that usually has a contract attached to it. The roads to make this happen are easier to find, especially with the Internet on your side. You just need to figure out what you want to do.

The best way to get in on this trend would be to go online for what you’re looking for. Sure, you’re going to have to weed out a lot of bad phones but if you really want to go with a used model, they’re out there. The popular smartphones will be expensive even on the refurbished side, so make sure that you’re really getting a good deal. Your phone carrier of choice might have their own refurbished models. If you can, go with this because they will at least offer you some sort of limited warranty. The most common point of failure for a refurbished phone would have to be the battery.

Buying Refurbished Phones

There are plenty of outlets to buy refurbished phones other than just the phone carrier. The internet is full of sites that offer used phones, but you have to think about how long you want to keep that phone. If it breaks on you, are you going to be able to fix it or get another phone to hold you over? That’s the big question that a lot of people are asking themselves. They want the cheap factor but they’re not sure if they really can deal with the problems of the phone breaking as fast as you get it.

Make sure that you still protect your phone like you would normally. Getting a good case for it is a great idea. If you already have accessories for an old phone, you can probably just use them with the refurbished phone that you’re picking up.

Some people really want to get the newest phone as soon as they drop into the marketplace. If you’re one of these people, a refurbished phone probably isn’t for you. But if you’re like the rest of us who just want to use a phone and save some coin in the process, then this guide is definitely right up your alley. Good luck!

By Jasmina