Businesses are becoming far more health conscious than they once may have been. This could be because organisations are seeing what implications a healthy workforce could have on the performance of their business. Portafina conducted a survey using people from the generations of under 30s and over 50s to see what trends they could find in regard to how active and health conscious they are. You’re going to find a summary of what they found below.

30% of under 30s or millennials are more likely to exercise specifically to eliminate stress. On the other hand, 32% of over 50s do it as a part of their daily routine. Millennials could be working out as a way of tackling work associated stress or life-related stress but either way it shows an attempt to manage their mental health and wellbeing.

Even workplaces seem to be making an effort to help employees manage stress and mental health. This could be because research shows that stress is significantly associated with rates of sick leave, GP visits, and accidents in the workplace. Offering gym memberships to employees, therefore, is a great way to support health and wellbeing. Since data shows millennials are also more inclined to go to the gym as a way of relieving stress, this could go a long way.

By looking for ways to improve employee’s health and wellbeing, you could reduce the amount of time they spend off work sick.

Just 7% of under 30s were found to be active every day which means that it may not be a part of the lifestyle of people in that generation. On the other hand, 18% of over 50s are active every day with many walking over 10,000 steps a day. Businesses could help improve the situation for millennials by encouraging activities that force them to stay active.

Seeing as data found that 17.5% of over 30s lead a sedentary lifestyle, businesses should try and encourage movement during work hours. Consider encouraging more frequent breaks away from the desk so that they keep their bodies moving and get used to being more active. Suggesting a walk at lunchtime, for example, is an idea that could see a change for good.

35% of Generation Z respondents see pensions as more important than technology perks when it comes to employment packages. This shows an awareness of the importance of planning for retirement amongst younger generations. Seeing as financial security and quality of life are core aspects of wellbeing, it is something businesses should pay attention to. By following Portafina on Facebook, you may be able to get useful information on pensions and how employees can improve their finances in the coming years.

When it comes to health, it’s something that applies to everyone. No matter your age or generation, good health tends to be something most people want. If you’re able to identify how health conscious your employees are, you can begin to develop solutions on how to improve their health and as a result, improve your business.

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By Jasmina