Your credit cards matter, but do you know what they’re actually offering you? Have you taken the time to compare credit cards UK to find the best interest rate and terms? Sometimes when we get that new credit card in the mail, it’s hard to keep from spending long enough to actually read what’s being presented to you. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to make sure that you have everything together, but you will definitely need to make sure that you are looking at your credit products a little closer.

In the technology age, is there really an excuse or a reason why we don’t know all of the features of our credit cards? Do you get rental car insurance with your credit card? If there’s a problem, do you know exactly where to go within the credit card department? How much does it cost for a balance transfer?

If you have a card with rewards, do you know how those rewards are activated, or when they pay out? These are all good things to know when it comes to your credit card. Of course, you might wonder if it’s even worth it to explore your credit card. This is usually the question we get from people that have been told all along that credit cards are bad, and that they need to simply avoid them. However, we have to ask — are you sure that credit cards are a bad thing?

Our stance is simple: we don’t think that credit cards are good, but we don’t think that credit cards are evil. They’re a tool, and in our books, tools can be pretty neutral. Are there dangers? Sure there are — but there are also warning labels posted on our buzzsaw, too. Does that mean that the buzzsaw is evil? Since it doesn’t really have a conscious, we’re really not going to argue that the credit card is evil — that just wouldn’t make a lot sense to us.

Of course, when you’re not really sure where to stand on the matter, everything can seem pretty confusing. So here are our steps to clarity: know your credit card. Figure out what it’s offering so that you can squeeze just about every benefit out of the card and then some. That way you’re not having to compromise on anything — you will not only find the credit card that works for you, but you’ll also find the power to use it wisely.

Managing your credit is something that we advocate time and time again, because it works — it puts you back in control of your finances before things can spiral out of control. That’s really the way to go, if you really ask us.

Now is definitely the time to take action today in your life to overcome financial confusion, check out credit products that interest you, and otherwise build your financial blueprint on your terms — what more could you want?

By Jasmina