There are many different types of credit cards which companies offer to tempt us into taking them. Some of them have low introductory interest rates. Some offer free additional cards for other members of the family. And some have 0% interest rates for balance transfers or even purchases. But another type of incentive that some credit card companies offer is that of the reward scheme.

A reward scheme is one which offers either points or rewards every time you use your card to make a purchase. This is a way that the companies have to get you to spend on your card. It is a great idea and benefits both the company and the customer if it is used wisely. One of these types of rewards is the frequent flyer or air miles reward card.

This type of card gives you frequent flyer points every time you buy something with your card. As you build these up, you can then use them in part payment when you buy an airline ticket. Seeing these points build up every month is great. You can have a second to dream when that envelope lands on your doorstep and you find that you have accumulated two thousand air miles.

If you are with a good card, you could get up to one mile for every dollar you spend on your card. Or their may be special deals which offer more air miles with specific purchases. For example, a petrol company may have struck a deal with your card issuer which means that every time you use your card with them you get more points.

You will also get a leaflet with your statement telling you about the special offers they have that month, where you can get extra points and what you can redeem your points for. If you are a member of a rewards point card, then your leaflet will tell you what reward you could possibly earn with the points you have.

The rewards can vary widely. If you have a few points, you may be able to claim a carriage clock or a nice pen. Then as your points build up, the rewards get higher and higher. Some people let their rewards build up to try and get the top reward which may be an up to the minute flat screen television, or a laptop.

Balance transfers do not usually earn any rewards. They are given purely on card spending. But it can be great to build up the rewards and when used wisely, it is a good incentive to owning a credit card.

By Jasmina