When planning your holiday, there is one thing you should certainly sort out before setting off: travel insurance cover. Travel insurance affords you peace of mind, allowing you to relax on holiday without having to worry about finances if anything goes wrong. No matter how careful you are, there is always the chance of incidents such as injuries or theft occurring, and when abroad you are particularly vulnerable. Organise suitable cheap travel insurance before your holiday to ensure it runs smoothly.

Look for comprehensive travel insurance on a budget

One important feature to look at when choosing a travel insurance policy is price. Although you do need a policy covering all possible eventualities, there is no reason to pay an arm and a leg for it. Cheap travel insurance can be found from a number of major providers. From as little as £10 per person, your family can enjoy comprehensive financial cover.

Of course, cost is used widely to compare similar policies offered by different insurers. In the majority of cases, the price difference in these circumstances should be small, but if there is a significant difference in price, you may have overlooked something, so carefully check the terms and conditions of each policy before making your final choice.

The best way to get an excellent-value travel insurance policy is to find one that closely suits your holiday needs: it should last for the duration of your stay, include accidents that may occur in any activities you are participating in and be specific to your travel location. Striking the balance between getting essential cover for possible incidents, and paying for unnecessary added extras, is the best way to find your perfect premium.

Health and safety first

The main thing you need to look for in an insurance policy is financial protection in the event of an accident, illness of emergency. Should you develop a sickness while on holiday, any doctor’s bills or treatment costs should be covered by your travel insurance provider. In the event of an accident, a comprehensive insurance policy allows you to use local hospital facilities without concern over the fees, allowing your priority to be what matters: the health of you or your loved ones.

Matters regarding luggage and belongings

Something else all travel insurance policies should cover is issues regarding lost and delayed luggage. Disembarking from your flight and discovering your luggage isn’t waiting for you on the carousel can be a stressful experience. Not only will you have to wait around to speak to staff, you are likely to spend a day or two of your holiday without your belongings, or even longer in some circumstances. In addition to only having the clothes on your back, you could be left without the foreign currency that was in your suitcase, or the specialist equipment that you might have needed to participate in planned activities.

In most cases, your luggage will be recovered and delivered to your accommodation within one to three days. When your suitcases arrive, an insurer will typically ask that you record exactly when your luggage was returned to you, allowing for a claim to be made at a later date. If your luggage is lost altogether, you will be able to claim per item. Check the limit on the value of your suitcases, which is typically around £200 each.

Travel departures

If your holiday includes travel plans that involve taking a trip at a particular time (for instance, travel via aeroplane or boat), you should seek out an insurance policy that covers unexpected delays or cancellations to the services you have booked.

If you look for this type of cover in advance, you will be reimbursed for lost holiday time and incurred expenses due to the delay. In addition, it is possible to purchase financial protection against missing your departure, for a reason that wasn’t your fault.

It is vital you check the small print of a travel insurance policy very carefully prior to signing up; this is the best way to have all of the necessary contingencies in place for a wonderful holiday.

By Jasmina