The Government is overwhelmed, and it’s beginning to show: more rejections for a state supported funeral are on the rise. The common reasons for rejecting all boil down to one problem: there’s just not enough money to handle the high cost of dying these days. The money for burial is high — the average cost is going up to well over three thousand pounds. Add up the number of people that are dying every day and you have a recipe for disaster on a Government that’s already trying to deal with skyrocketing housing prices and unemployment rates at the same time.

There have been calls to revamp the current system — and we definitely agree that it could use some help. Did you know that the Government Funeral Payment scheme will look at the assets that the family of the deceased have at the time of death — without considering that the family may be separated and not even on speaking terms? Imagine getting that type of phone call for family that you hardly even see.

If you’ve got any means that all, you might want to get a funeral payment scheme going of your own. Funeral cover is on the rise merely because paying for a funeral is very expensive. You owe it to yourself to think through all of these things when you’re planning your financial life. It can be a high cost on your family to get these things taken care of, so anything that you can to make their lives easier is always a plus. There are even multiple companies offering this type of funeral cover, which means that you should be able to get a competitive price.

Government Funeral Payment scheme

The growing number of rejections are making people really think twice before they get involved with the high cost of funerals. Others feel that it’s a slap in the face to be “austere” about funerals when the Government just spent nearly ten million pounds to bury Margaret Thatcher. It’s a hard pill to swallow to see the State actually pay for a high profile politician’s death but not handle the many people who are literally too poor to handle the costs of burying their family members. The ones that are getting approved for state support are finding that eve with the help of the state, they still can’t give their newly deceased family the type of burial that they really wanted. It’s really bad out there, and it means that it’s time for everyone to think about the type of life that they’re living now, as well as how they want their death affairs handled. Don’t just talk about it with your family though — put everything in writing.

This just goes along with our main point — you can’t trust anyone outside of yourself to take care of you or your loved ones. You need to plan ahead for this type of thing just to make sure that everything truly is taken care of. Why not get working on a better plan for your financial future now? Time is shorter than we all realize, and it pays to have this type of thing figured out well ahead of time. Good luck!

By Jasmina