Many people think why our dollar is traded most in the Forex market. There are lots of other currency in the world and you will be surprised to see that one currency is dominating the world. When there are major and minor currencies in Forex, there are many other currencies that are not traded on the market as like the US dollar. If you have not known, this one currency dominates more than 80% in the global Forex transaction and this Us dollar is also one of the strongest currency in the world.  This article will tell you why this one currency is traded most in the world and if you can get any advantage if you are trading with the US dollar.

Before you dig into more details we are going to give you some amazing piece of information. Peoples in the United Kingdom are getting involved in spread betting very fast. Most of the professional brokerage firms are offering high leverage trading accounts to their clients. So if you can trade the market with the extreme level of precision then you can make a huge amount of money. But mastering the art of trading is not all easy. You have to learn all the basic details of this market from the scratch.

Some of you might even ask what is spread betting. Spread betting is nothing but trading the financial instrument in the global market. Instead of setting the lot size you will be dealing with a pip value of the market. If you can successful identity the future price movement of the financial instrument then you can easily make tons of money. But being novice traders you should only trade the Forex majors since its price movement is much more stable.

Most popular and widely used currency

It will be hard to find one person in the world who has not seen the US dollar. In any economic decisions or in any trade decisions, the decisions are always made by the US currency like how much export or import will be traded between countries, what will the number of goods and services in monetary value that will be exported by one country. This popularity has made the US currency one of the most widely used currency in the world. These trade and economic decisions influence how the investment market is going to be. The dollar is widely accepted globally and this has made it one of the most popular currency. If you look at the major currency pairs in Forex, you will see that all of these pairs have the dollar in them. Any currency which has been paired against the dollar is known as major currency pairs. Euro is also another strong currency in the world of investment but it is not as popular and as used as the dollar.

Is there any advantage when trading with US dollar?

Many people want to know if they can get any advantage when they are trading with us dollars. You will be glad to hear that you will not have volatilities like the other currency pair traders in Forex if you choose to trade with dollars. If you do not understand when you are trading, you will have much information on the internet at free of cost. Professional traders like to trade the market with dollars as a dollar is relatively more stable on the internet. When you are trading with major currency pairs, you will find it easy to use your strategy and develop your risk to reward ratios. As they are widely traded, you can make your profits if you work hard in markets. You can always change from trading with dollars to any other currencies and your knowledge of trading with this popular currency will always give you advantage in any new markets of Forex trading with different currencies.

By Jasmina