Are you in the process of updating your financial blueprint? You definitely should be. Every now and then, your financial goals will shift due to life moving in interesting and uncertain ways. Perhaps you found the dream job that you always wanted. Or maybe you’ve just been trying to save more money lately. No matter what, a financial blueprint can really allow you to think clearly about your finances, and that’s always worth celebrating.

However, there are assets that work well with your written plans for the future, because they can help you unlock funds that you might not have even expected to have. They are going to be valuable in boosting your savings account, even when you weren’t expecting a sudden rush of money. One resource that immediately comes to mind would be RIFT, because it’s an organization that helps you get a tax refund if you drove to temporary work sites as a construction worker.

get a tax refund

Construction workers fulfill a very essential role in our society, and it isn’t right or fair that you have to use your own vehicle to head to temporary work sites. If this is something that you’ve had to endure, it’s a good idea to pursue this tax refund scheme. Thankfully, you don’t have to do it on your own. RIFT will handle all of the details for you, so that you can focus on your job and relaxation when you’re not on the clock. This is the way it should be, and there are no upfront costs to deal with either. You will definitely get the attention of HMRC, who will process the refund and get it out to you.

Having RIFT on your side means that your request isn’t just going to disappear into the proverbial void. You’ll be given updates about your case as it plays out, leaving you free to handle your life on your own terms.

The refund can be pretty substantial, averaging around 2,500 GBP! That’s quite a bit of money that you can use to go on holiday or even just add to your savings account. It’s all about using the extra money based on what you have outlined in your financial blueprint, of course.

Now is the perfect time to contact RIFT and release your money from the taxman — start today!

By Jasmina