With the way that we all live today it is always useful to have a credit card in your purse or wallet, but with so many choices that are being offered what one do you choose so it makes economic sense to compare credit cards before you jump in.

There are many websites that will enable you to compare the current offers but sometimes it is best to look at the long term offer once the initial offer expires as the interest rate can increase dramatically.  There are offers with 0% interest for a selected amount of months and cards for those that have bad credit.

There are also various offers that include discounts on holidays, wines and abroad cover.  There are so many to choose from it is advisable to compare the various deals which are on offer and you will find a card that is best for you.  There are many cards that will offer you insurance when abroad, therefore if you get into difficulty abroad and need to get home, your card will cover you.  Nowadays, there is so much more to a credit card, much more than being able to use it to buy something.

It is always advisable to see if your card covers you for fraud as the last thing you want is for your credit card to be lost or cloned and you end up with a lot of money put on your credit card that you haven’t spent yourself.  With the assurance of this cover you know that if this did occur you will be covered.

Most deals will enable you to balance transfers from other cards but some do stipulate that certain cards you are unable to transfer balances from.  Some also ask for an initial fee, again you can look into this more when you have made your decision.

In most instances you will get a decision immediately once you have applied, therefore there is no waiting around to see if you are accepted or not. It is also nice to know that wherever you are in the world there is a credit card for you, like this example from Australia – https://www.hsbc.com.au/1/2/personal/credit-cards.

By Jasmina