We’ve already showed you how to claim successfully on home insurance and travel insurance, so it’s time to shift gears to talk about something even more serious than these two items. Critical illness cover is an incredible insurance product that doesn’t get purchased enough. We just never know when we’re going to come down with something that’s going to keep us from taking care of our families. Did you know that some policies even cover the self employed?

Here’s some quick tips if you’re trying to make sure that your critical illness claim goes through the right way, rather than after a bunch of time wasting appeals.

1. Be Sure Your Illness Is Covered!

Getting a policy that covers a wide range of critical illnesses is important. Cancer, heart attack, and stroke are generally going to be covered everywhere you go, so you can rest easy there. But what about diabetes concerns? If that’s not covered, then you may have an uphill battle in getting a claim processed if that’s the main reason why you’re ill.

Critical Illness Cover

2. Keep Up On Your Doctor’s Appointments

Be sure that you are making all of those appointments with your doctor. If you miss appointments, you can be in trouble because you will not be able to say that you gave the doctor a chance to catch something ahead of time. Being completely honest about your health can stop the insurer from saying that it was a pre-existing condition that you failed to disclose. Even if something doesn’t sound like it’s related to your current problem, that doesn’t mean that you can hide it.

3. Don’t be Afraid to Turn to the Authorities

Remember that insurance is a highly regulated field. If you find that your attempts at handling the matter aren’t going through as you planned, turn it over to the Financial Ombudsman Service. They arbitrate, which means that they will hold the final say on what will happen. It sounds scary, but it’s really not. As long as you’ve been perfectly honest about your case, you should get the claim that you’re looking for.

Companies are doing their part to protect themselves; shouldn’t you do the very same thing? Make sure that you’re looking at documenting every single step that you’ve taken to handle the case.

By Jasmina