Don’t Dismiss Personal Financial Planning

With so many daily demands pulling at your personal finances, it is sometimes hard to step back, taking-in the big picture.  Yet despite the importance of addressing immediate needs, it is nonetheless vital to account for your long-range financial vision, in addition to day-to-day concerns.

Financial planning serves several essential functions, helping you manage income and cash flow, without losing sight of your monetary goals.  Valuable for reaching milestones visible on the immediate horizon, as well as financial matters impacting your distant future, effective planning is an essential feature of comprehensive financial management.

Financial Forecasting Keeps you Focused

Preparing for your financial future keeps you moving toward your goals.  That’s not to say you’ll always steer clear of unexpected events you didn’t plan for, but taking a proactive approach gives you a better chance of achieving your personal financial priorities.  Some milestones to consider as your financial plans come-together include the following:

Home Ownership – Home ownership isn’t for everyone.  Not only does owning a house call for substantial financial investment, but maintaining and improving residential property can feel like a full-time job.  There are financial benefits to buying, as opposed to renting, including tax breaks and equity you build as property values increase and payments reduce outstanding principal. But if you are not committed to the idea of owning a house, you’re financial plans should reflect it.  On the other hand, if it is a family priority, you should start planning for a house purchase as soon as you are able.

Personal Financial Planning

Once committed to buying a house, saving for a down payment is your first order of business.  A dedicated savings account, cut-off from your general financial flow, is a good spot to accumulate funds for a house down payment.  Before looking at homes, consult with a banker and learn about loans online.  Not only does the process reinforce your understanding about lending and economics, but exploring finance options ahead of time also defines spending limits, illustrating exactly what you can afford.

Family Holidays – Although financial planning is often associated with long-range goals and big-ticket buys, preparing in advance also helps firm-up funding for less lofty goals.  Family travel and holidays, for instance, can sneak up on your budget, leaving you short of money when you need it most.  A savings plan ensures you have resources available for travel or holiday entertaining, enabling you to pay as you go, rather than amassing deep holiday debt.[Continue Reading…]

Which area of the UK is best at saving?

Check out the infographic below to find out which regions are saving most when it comes to pensions. The infographic is provided by True Potential.

Understanding Forex Trading Signals and how they work

One thing that you need to be conscious of when you are engaged in trading on the foreign exchange market is that there are two vital components necessary from the very beginning — a combination of a well-formulated winning equity management strategy and a well-planned trading system. The absence of any of these two factors will ultimately spell disaster for the trader or investor. Another vital feature is that you need to have access to what are called “signals.”

Basically, signals are electronically transferred bits of information that you can opt to receive via text or e-mail on your laptop or PC, as well as your cellular phone. The major benefit here is that no matter where you are, you can receive this critically needed information. Another huge benefit of becoming a member of this trading system is that you also have daily access to video updates about the market and the direction of various currencies.

Forex Signals

Being a very complex market that spans across so many countries, it is very difficult to get a handle on it as trends change very fast. It is, therefore, very important to understand the strategies that can help you succeed in this market and one of those strategies involves having a reliable forex signal service.

As mentioned above, forex signals is an automated notification system that informs the trader to sell or buy a given currency pair based on various strategies, trends, and calculations. Forex trading signals are more like taking a continuous guidance from a group of highly experienced and successful forex traders, in an ongoing way. Generally, the trading signals usually indicate good exit and entry point. The receiver can set up their account based on those points in the signal and get on with their work. [Continue Reading…]

Boost your income with the stock markets this year

There is no ‘a more hands-off generation’ than the millennials. This is a generation that fears attachments and commitments. They are always on the move, venturing into new stuff, new places, and looking for more exciting ways of achieving their goals. At the end of the day, though, the bills will stare at them and retirement will not stay off forever. What is the best strategy to add extra income to your wallet without getting your hands too dirty and turn some of that idle cash into some profit? If this is the question you have been asking, you are in the right place.

Online stock trading holds all the keys!

In years gone, stock trading seemed a far flung activity to be left with the ilk of Wall Street, but not anymore. People relied on stock brokers who would buy and sell on behalf of customers, but that has changed as well. Today, at the click of a button, you can register an online trading account, buy and dispose stocks. You get in, get what you want and get out. It’s that simple. Buying and selling stocks can earn you loads of cash within no time but can cost you an entire investment within even less time. So how exactly can you make profits with online Trading? Below are tested and proven tips:

stock markets

Learn Stock Market Basics

Stock markets are like any other business so they rely on demand and supply. You purchase stock with the hope that other traders will also purchase and increase the stock’s popularity. The popularity will boost the stock and increase its bid price. The higher the price after you have bought the stocks the higher your profit will be in a trading season. Compare the financial reports of your company of choice as well as its public statements and market analysis of the same with the technical analysis which involves monitoring the changes in the company’s stock prices. There are simplified tools on the CMC Markets website for real time trends for most of the best stocks.[Continue Reading…]

Extremely Simple and Reliable Call and Put Option Trading Strategy

Being able to navigate volatile markets effectively and lucratively can take years’ worth of practice, study, and honing analytical skills. Binary Options Brokers and traders spend many sessions referring to multiple charts, advisory software, currency pairs, and other various lagging external indicators. However, the mark of a seasoned and strategic broker is not how many indicators they choose to use to assess the market; but rather, how much they can benefit and glean from only using a choice few.

An effective and fairly non-convoluted practice is by using the Envelope Indicator. This trading strategy whittles the entire trading process down to studying a few key factors in a restricted time frame. This method is reliable for producing solid, lucrative results and can be employed successfully with the proper risk management techniques.

Trading Strategy

Envelope Indicator

This technical indicator is typically a product of two moving averages and a point of confluence. The averages in question outline both upper and lower price range levels on the chart of a tradable asset. Brokers primarily use this technical indicator to assess whether a market is overbought, or oversold, and take positions and put or call orders accordingly.

A moving average envelope indicator, on the other hand, is a dynamic average of high and low inflection. In order to use this strategy, a broker must first calculate and draw up levels of support and resistance.

This indicator hinges on selling and buying signals; if the market is overbought, the price will reach the upper band and this will signify the sell signal to the broker. Likewise, if the market happens to be oversold, the price will reach the lower band and signify the buy signal to the trader.[Continue Reading…]

Build Up Your Nest Egg Through Becoming a Boarder

The idea of people living in your house for months at a time might not sound very appealing, but in the age of the Internet, you have many options to fix that. For starters, who said anything about having people stay in your house for several months at a time? You could go on holiday and have your stay partially or even fully covered by people living in your home while you’re away. The premise here is that since it’s a short term vacation rental, they’re going to pay a lot more than someone paying a traditional landlord. You will give them full reign of the room or house while you’re away. They usually have to pay a deposit that they will get back once they have cleaned up after themselves and left things in good condition.


But how do you find the demand? In the past before the Internet really got to this point, word of mouth was how people got these rooms filled. They’re not traditional hotels, so they can’t afford to pay for the heavy advertising runs that often pop up. But through online communities, rooms are able to be shared quickly and easily.

If you want to get a vacation rental, they’re cheaper than ever because the amount of inventory has increased. This means that great deals are waiting for you online, as long as you’re willing to check them out.

There are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to pulling this off that you’ll want to be aware of. A few tips for you are listed below. [Continue Reading…]

Here’s a 3 Step Blueprint for Increased Forex Power

Who said that you can’t master Forex over time? Sure, you might not get all of the finer points of Forex right on the first try, but it’s through experimentation that we really start learning what we need to know. Forex is a place where you can get big gains in a very short time, as long as you’re willing to put in a little bit of effort. We sat down and really thought of the Forex game as it stands now and came up with 3 key points you need to consider for increased Forex power, flexibility, and effectiveness.


1. Get the Right Education

There’s something about getting training that seems to scare people off. We’re big fans of experimentation as much as possible, because it gives you an edge that “theory only” investors can only dream of. However, there is a time and a place to know more about the world of Forex. If you can’t figure out what all of the terms mean, look them up! If you trade at ETX Capital, you actually get a nice “education block” where the free webinars and seminars will help you become a better investor all around. But don’t just stop there! Read more Forex news, look at commodities and even try to understand how those commodities affect the world market at large. You’ll learn so much about economics and even politics along the way that in a sense, you can see Forex as a large gateway to a million other topics.

2. Get the Right Variety

When it comes to Forex, variety will keep your mind excited about all of the possibilities. Leveraged products have their own inherent risk, but hey…no risk, no reward! You can get into binary trading, which we think is pretty great for beginners, or you can dig deep into equities. The options are just about endless, but you still have to see what’s going to work best for your unique situation.

3. Go to the Right Place

Place matters so much in Forex. You can read all of the right things, but if you don’t have a consistent place to make your trades you’re going to run into some problems. We like ETX Capital because they not only give you plenty of education, but they also give you a demo account to try things out. This will play well into the education phase, because you can test out strategies without having to put real money at risk. Later on, when you’re confident you won’t need that step but it is a lifesaver when you just start out.

Overall, will these points be all you need? Of course not! Every investor has to have their own “spin” on this blueprint. You’ll find yourself changing things up as you begin to increase your stakes. The action that you enjoyed as a newcomer will be very different when you find yourself getting to the “big leagues” later on. Can you scale your plays long enough, or will impatience blow your blueprint right out of the water? The only way to find out is to get off the sidelines and start trading. If there’s one thing that we want you to get out of this guide, it’s the power of taking action. Don’t wait it out forever; read and study, of course…but get out there and make some trades!

Finding Your Way to Pension Pot Freedom

It’s a hard pill to swallow, but many would-be retirees across the country have to deal with problems getting their money out of pension plans. Phoenix Life, one of the major pension providers nationally, has been at the forefront of numerous complaints. The reason? The company does not wish to let go of the money until someone can prove they’ve talked to a financial adviser. Is this smart or a case of customers being railroaded by companies yet again?

It’s a mixture of both issues, but the mishandling of pension pots is a growing issue as many workers are beginning to desire to access money they’ve saved for decades. Whether you have a small pension or a rather large one, there are some things that you need to keep in mind in order to be sure that you’ll have access to your money.

Pension Pot Freedom

Check the Original Contract

The original contract on the pension policy is your best friend. It can be hard to keep records like that, but it’s highly recommended that you do. Long before you want to try to get the money out, try to see if you can get a copy of the contract. If you have the original one, this is a great time to make sure that you weren’t automatically pushed into terms that aren’t favorable for you.

These contracts are pretty lengthy for a reason: they want to make sure that you truly understand what’s going on behind the scenes. Even though all of this legal language is usually well above people’s heads at the time, they do need to try to remember a few details. One of the key particulars is what happens when you want to access the money. If you have to show proof that you spoke to an adviser, what type of adviser will they accept? Many building societies have links to low cost or even free advisors, but that really isn’t the point. [Continue Reading…]

How to Get the Most out of Hiring a Financial Advisor

Worried about the DIY approach to your finances? Looking for expert advice? An independent financial adviser is a good idea. One of the top reasons that people go the DIY route is that they believe that the fee you pay for financial advice just isn’t worth it. A good adviser is someone that looks at your financial items as a whole, rather than just a few figures and a handful of facts. They want to get to know your goals and your real desires, not just a few bullet points on a questionnaire. The good ones will help you save your money, grow your money, and otherwise make better financial decisions than you did in the past. Of course, they aren’t a “magic bullet” solution: if you spend too much money on credit cards, you will probably continue to have out of control spending even after you hire an IFA. Likewise, if you don’t take time to learn the fundamentals of investing, you’ll most likely hit a brick wall.

Financial Advisor

But the fine points of getting expert advice still apply: better decision making, provided that you get a real pro at your fingertips.

To start your search off right, try to look around in your own personal network. Surely someone in your circle has already found an IFA they love, right? Check with them first before you go on an Internet safari. If you don’t know anyone and your circle doesnít either, all hope isn’t lost. There are sites online that do nothing but provide reviews of IFAs and verify that each review is submitted by a real client, not a computerized fake account designed to promote the business without providing value.

Now, you might use a site to find an IFA. Are you done? Not at all. You need to make sure that you interview the other party thoroughly. The first question should be to check whether or not they’re really independent. If they’re a restricted adviser, they can only push forward certain products. A true independent can show you all of your options. Not only should they be an independent, but they should also be authorised by the FCA to give real financial advice. The FCA has a section on their website where you can check this out. [Continue Reading…]