Who said that you can’t master Forex over time? Sure, you might not get all of the finer points of Forex right on the first try, but it’s through experimentation that we really start learning what we need to know. Forex is a place where you can get big gains in a very short time, as long as you’re willing to put in a little bit of effort. We sat down and really thought of the Forex game as it stands now and came up with 3 key points you need to consider for increased Forex power, flexibility, and effectiveness.


1. Get the Right Education

There’s something about getting training that seems to scare people off. We’re big fans of experimentation as much as possible, because it gives you an edge that “theory only” investors can only dream of. However, there is a time and a place to know more about the world of Forex. If you can’t figure out what all of the terms mean, look them up! If you trade at ETX Capital, you actually get a nice “education block” where the free webinars and seminars will help you become a better investor all around. But don’t just stop there! Read more Forex news, look at commodities and even try to understand how those commodities affect the world market at large. You’ll learn so much about economics and even politics along the way that in a sense, you can see Forex as a large gateway to a million other topics.

2. Get the Right Variety

When it comes to Forex, variety will keep your mind excited about all of the possibilities. Leveraged products have their own inherent risk, but hey…no risk, no reward! You can get into binary trading, which we think is pretty great for beginners, or you can dig deep into equities. The options are just about endless, but you still have to see what’s going to work best for your unique situation.

3. Go to the Right Place

Place matters so much in Forex. You can read all of the right things, but if you don’t have a consistent place to make your trades you’re going to run into some problems. We like ETX Capital because they not only give you plenty of education, but they also give you a demo account to try things out. This will play well into the education phase, because you can test out strategies without having to put real money at risk. Later on, when you’re confident you won’t need that step but it is a lifesaver when you just start out.

Overall, will these points be all you need? Of course not! Every investor has to have their own “spin” on this blueprint. You’ll find yourself changing things up as you begin to increase your stakes. The action that you enjoyed as a newcomer will be very different when you find yourself getting to the “big leagues” later on. Can you scale your plays long enough, or will impatience blow your blueprint right out of the water? The only way to find out is to get off the sidelines and start trading. If there’s one thing that we want you to get out of this guide, it’s the power of taking action. Don’t wait it out forever; read and study, of course…but get out there and make some trades!

By Jasmina