It’s often said that you can’t turn back time, and if you’re dealing with bad credit, you know that lesson all too well. It can often feel like everyone’s all too willing to just judge you on the things that you’ve done in the past without realizing that you should always have a chance to improve in the future.

One of the most basic tools of managing your finances is a bank account — but basic bank accounts can be difficult to find if you’ve had bad credit. Again, some banks are so concerned with everything that has happened in the past that they don’t stop and think about actually what you’ve managed to accomplish since those negative credit problems have occurred.

You might think that nobody is ever going to give you a bank account, let alone actually extend you credit. Yet basic bank accounts are actually the gateway to getting the good credit that you deserve. You want to show the bank that you can handle a basic bank account without any overdrafts. That’s a sign that you can manage your money without having to let the bank step in and handle problems for you. That’s really the best way to do things, if you ask us.

From there, you can build up a level of trust with the bank and then ask them about a secured credit card. Many banks offer these or signature loans as a way for people to eventually clean up their credit and start getting out of the debt spiral. When you start seeing progress, you start truly feeling like things are actually starting to change in your life. It’s tempting to just assume that there’s no way that you’re ever going to get back to good credit — especially if you’ve had bad credit for so long. The truth is that you will need to go ahead and push forward, which means that you start with a bank account.

Looking online for information on starting a basic bank account is really the way to go. As long as you’re willing to keep a minimum amount if money in the account, you should be good to go. Some people even set up direct deposit as a way of covering the opening deposit — that’s another avenue to getting a bank account. After all, the bank likes knowing that they can count on a certain amount of money hitting your account each and every month — sometimes even twice a month, depending on how frequent your paychecks come in.

If you’re really ready to go ahead and get your financial life back on track, it’s a great time to start thinking about a bank account. Not convinced? Think about it from this perspective — the last thing that you want to do is now that there were options that you could take and you refused to take them because you were afraid. That’s no way to live, so why not get started today? You will truly be glad that you did!

By Jasmina