Credit card interest is just part of the entire world of credit cards — there’s just no getting around it, unless you have solid credit. You will need to make sure that you are looking at the subject of credit card interest with open eyes, since the alternative can really ruin your financial history before it’s had a chance to blossom and grow. Don’t think that you can’t be blindsided by credit card interest rates, because it definitely happens to a few people — but it doesn’t have to really be this way at all.

In a nutshell, you can negotiate the best credit card interest rates, as long as you have some leverage. Leverage in the world of credit cards comes from a few different sources — income, current credit card usage, as well as credit history as a whole. For example, if you have very good, near-flawless credit, you can usually get very low interest rate, if you even get charged an interest rate at all. Credit card companies see you as very low-risk, which means that they trust you more than someone that has had a few credit problems in the past.

Does this mean that you ware stuck paying a high credit card interest rate if you have less than perfect credit? Not necessarily — this is where talking with a live, human person can really do wonders for what you can get. You will need to show reasons why you deserve a lower credit card rate, as well as what you’ve been offered. There is so much money in the world of credit cards that companies will want to do whatever it takes to really keep you in their circle of influence — including lowering your interest rate. So if you have been with a credit card for a few years and have been getting better offers elsewhere, this is something that you will need to bring to the credit card companies attention.

As you can imagine, there’s no reason to pay more than what you’re willing to pay for a solid credit card. After all, you are a customer of the credit card company, and this means that you have more leverage than you might expect. If you really step forward with the intention to negotiate for the best credit card interest rate you can find, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t get what you’re looking for!

By Jasmina