Our economy is changing, and nobody knows that more clearly than the job seekers of today. If you’re looking for a way to really get employer’s attention, you might want to think about getting your master’s degree. It’s been shown that getting an advanced education shows employers that you are very serious about your field, and much more likely to stay in the field for the long term. This means that they’re much more willing to accept you into their organization, knowing that you’re much more likely to build value for their operation.

Yet the question remains: how do you choose what school to actually attend? There are essentially five factors that go into what school to choose.

The first would have to be location. You have to ask yourself: are there career opportunities there? What about connections to leading financial centres? Is it honestly going to be in a location where going back home to see family and friends can be done? Are you inspired by the scenery around you, including the culture? We go to school in order to be inspired and encouraged to seek out bigger and brighter opportunities.

If you choose the London Business School, you get a great school in a great area, with plenty of opportunities.  It’s very easy to visit the top companies and even go to interviews without having to really leave the area.

The second thing would have to be the reputation of the school. You want to choose a school like the London Business School, whose MBA programme alone was ranked #1 by the Financial Times for three years in a row (2009, 2010, and 2011).  Reputation definitely matters because a school with a bad reputation will be a red flag to employers, and therefore a waste of your money.

The third issue would have to be the career impact that the school ahs. You need to figure out how the school prepares you for future career opportunities. If they don’t prep you for the future, then there’s really no point in going, is there?

That’s where the London Business School’s Master’s in Management shines again, as 96% of MiM students in 2011 secured offers of employment within 3 months.

75% of graduates even found employment during school, meaning that you don’t have to wait forever to start your career.

The fourth issue would have to be networking. You want to be challenged in your environment and still have plenty of people that will be more than happy to network with you.

You get all of that at the London Business School, where you’ll be working with students that come from over 38 different countries. The wider network is made of up students and alumni from 130 countries.

The last point that you need to keep in mind when it comes to choosing a graduate school is the format of the program.

You want to look for a program that’s going to help you get into actual work as soon as possible. You need to choose between a one year programme or a two year programme. The one year option is good, but you also want to look for study abroad opportunities, if that’s something that’s important to you.

Again, this is a good time to look at the London Business School, as they offer a one year programme for the Masters In Management. It gets you in the workplace quickly without sacrificing quality.

Overall, there are plenty of things to think about for this issue, but we’ve given you the highlights so you can make the best decision possible when considering the Master’s in Management programme and the best school to go with!

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