Whether you’re new to the world of UK insurance or you’ve had a policy for a while, it never hurts to know all of your options. One of the options that people skip over is fully comprehensive car insurance. In the US, this is what’s often referred to as full coverage insurance. Either way, its meaning is simple: it covers virtually every potential claim. If you have gotten into an accident and you’ve damaged your car as well as someone else’s, your insurance cover would handle both sides of the accident (if you are deemed to be at fault, it will protect you against damages from the other party), including your own injuries.

It goes without saying that fully comprehensive insurance is one of the most expensive types of car insurance you can choose. On average, it’s about fifteen and twenty-five percent more than third party fire and theft cover. It does protect your car from total loss — where it costs more to repair the vehicle than to just buy a new one. In addition, all of your car repairs are covered for you. If you had to cover these things on your own, it would cost you thousands of pounds! That can really hurt your finances more than you imagine!

If your vehicle is valued at more than five thousand pounds, you will most likely have to carry fully comprehensive coverage. There are some benefits to this — you will have personal injury cover. As mentioned before, this would cover all of your medical costs as well as time lost from work.

What if you don’t get into another accident with a car, but you hit a deer or skid on ice and hit a lamp post? You have options here as well — you will be able to get coverage for repairs. This is something that’s unique to only comprehensive coverage, so if it’s important that you have this, you’re going to need to get comprehensive insurance.

We know that nobody really wants to pay all that much for insurance, but it’s something that you really need to have. If you try to go on driving without adequate insurance cover, then you’re really only one accident away from having to deal with serious repairs. That’s the unfortunate reality of driving — you have to take all steps you can to prevent hurting yourself financially.

Comparison shopping is definitely recommended if you’re going to take on comprehensive insurance coverage. Just because you need it doesn’t mean that you have to spend too much for it and end up getting behind on other things! Check it out for yourself today!

By Jasmina